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Reading Recap’s letters to the editor are a collection of reader opinions, representing a wide range of perspectives on current issues.  Reading Recap reserves the right to not publish any letters received.  Join the discussion by emailing [email protected] and please include your name and address.

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✍️ LTE: Thank You Reading

Because of our incredible community and volunteers, the "Dunk the Readings" dunk tank at the Fall Street Faire, was able to raise a grand total

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✍️ LTE: Snow Shoveling/Town Meeting Correction and Pickleball

(Note from author – this is a copy of an email I sent to the Select Board this morning. Because the Select Board does not

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✍️ LTE: ACLU Claim

Since emails are no longer in the Select Board packet, I thought I would forward this as a Letter to the Editor.   Hi Reading Residents, I  think

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✍️ LTE: Library Landscape Committee Concerns

Dear Board of Library Trustees and Town Manager Maltez: I am writing with several questions/concerns that I hope one or both of you can address. 

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✍️ LTE: Stay on Point

Dear EditorHow did the Pride Story time, LGBT community and DEI office get dragged into a letter about policies and procedures pertaining to the library? 

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✍️ LTE: Why Don’t We Care?

Dear Editor, I recently attended the Board of Library Trustees meeting (BOLT) as well as the Friends of Reading Public Library meeting.  These two organizations

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