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✍️ LTE: Running for Town Meeting in Precinct 1

My name is Tim Mathieu, and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Town Meeting representing Precinct 1. As a resident of Reading for

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✍️ LTE: Dana Guarino for School Committee

My name is Michael Guarino, and I am currently a Special Education Teacher and a Special Education Academy Lead at Minuteman High School.  I grew

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✍️ LTE: Running for Town Meeting in Precinct 2

My name is Boriana Milenova and I am running for Reading Town Meeting in Precinct 2. I moved to Reading on New Year's Day in

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✍️ LTE: On the Ballot in Precinct 7 Thanks to Chris Haley & Laura Gemme

I would like to announce my candidacy for a 3-year term as a Reading Town Meeting Member in Precinct 7.  First, I should acknowledge that

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✍️ LTE: Letter to the Editor

Off-the-rails, despicable, unhinged - which adjective to choose to describe Select Board member Chris Haley’s performance at the February 17th meeting of the Select Board? 

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✍️ LTE: Chris Haley for Select Board – And Transparency!

Three years ago, Chris Haley, a newcomer to Reading Politics, ran for and won a Select Board seat.  Last year, one of the graduating Seniors

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