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Reading Recap’s letters to the editor are a collection of reader opinions, representing a wide range of perspectives on current issues.  Reading Recap reserves the right to not publish any letters received.  Join the discussion by emailing Editor@ReadingRecap.com and please include your name and address.

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✍️ LTE: Supporting Brian Curry for Board of Library Trustees

My name is Ann Marie Massaro and I am writing in support of the candidacy of Brian Curry for the Board of Library Trustees.   I

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✍️ LTE: Bacci, Murphy, McCarthy, Dockser & Haley

I was once like many of you reading this. I’d drive through downtown, see people holding signs in the rain, and beep and wave. All

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✍️ LTE: We Must Not Allow Our Children to be Exposed to Pornography in Our Town Library

Dear Reading Residents, During the televised Board of Library Trustee Candidate forum on Friday March 24th, I exposed the fact that there are some highly

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✍️ LTE: BOLT Has Become a Political Bloodsport

To the Editor and the Voters of Reading, Something as seemingly mundane as a race for the Board of Library Trustees has become a political

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✍️ LTE: Accountability & Transparency for BOLT

Please join me in voting for two new candidates, Michael Terry and Brian Curry, running for positions on The Board of Library Trustees (BOLT).  As

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✍️ LTE: Karen Herrick For Select Board

Dear Editor, With the Reading Select Board election rapidly approaching, I’m pleased to add my voice in support of Karen Herrick.  I urge you to

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