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✍️ LTE: In Praise of Porchfest

The following was sent to us by a reader - Dear Editor:  I am writing to recognize and thank the performers, hosts, organizers, and attendees…

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✍️ LTE: Questions to Answer Tonight re: MBTA Communities

The following was sent to us by a reader - Good morning, Andrew MacNichol and CPDC  (and town manager, assistant town manager and Select Board,…

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✍️ LTE: Thank You

Dear Reading Residents, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone, especially the residents who took the time to come to the polls and…

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✍️ LTE: Vote from “First Principles” on May 14th

The following was sent to us by a reader - Clearly, I have some bias here, given that Melissa Murphy is my wife of nearly…

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✍️ LTE: The Reason for this Election

The following was sent to us by a reader - Dear Editor, A few weeks ago, an LTE was published that had everyone talking.  It's…

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✍️ LTE: Please Join Me in Voting for Melissa Murphy

With the upcoming election to fill the remaining time in Jackie McCarthy‘s Select Board term, I’m looking for a candidate who exhibits similar qualities as…

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