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Alan E Foulds
Candidate for Re-election
Monette Dugas Verrier
Candidate for re-election
Brian M Curry

Four-year Reading resident with my wife and young daughters. Licensed educator, taught and coached children of all ages. Fifteen plus year business career, MBA and am a financial advisor. Four years of international experience between Taiwan and Australia. Running to have a positive impact on the community, help continue the library’s tradition of educating our children, while focusing on being fiscally responsible and as efficient as possible with our Reading tax dollars. Looking forward to your vote in April!

Christian Cappy Popp
Michael Trask Terry

Michael graduated from Boston College (political science) and Boston University (MBA). Retired from Employee Benefit career. Two children graduated from Reading Schools. A 40 yr resident active as a U-10 soccer coach, basketball coach, Scout leader, and Reading Catholic community. The library is a terrific town resource, with usage well above that of nearby towns. As a library trustee, Michael will work to increase transparency, accountability, financial efficiency and ensure library materials are reviewed and managed age appropriately.

Robert A Coulter
Candidate for re-election
Erin E Gaffen
Candidate for re-election
Carla Nazzaro
Candidate for re-election

The positive changes made to our district in the past three years have been unprecedented. We have one of the best central office teams in the State. Our teachers are getting the quality curriculum and professional support that they deserve, and our students are being supported academically and socially in ways that they never have before. Our unified School Committee works together to allocate funding for administrative priorities to help our students achieve best possible outcomes. Go Rockets!

Carlo Bacci
Candidate for re-election

Three years ago, I was elected to the Select Board in one of the largest local voter turnout elections to date. I want to continue to give back to the town that has welcomed us as a family. Listening to and meeting my fellow residents and business owners has helped me better understand what is needed to help guide the town forward as we change and grow. I am asking for your vote again on April 4th, 2023.


Karen Gately Herrick
Candidate for re-election
Melissa Lee Murphy

My name is Melissa Murphy. My husband and I have four children and have lived in Reading for 15 years. I am proud to live in this town and want to be a voice for all Reading residents. Over the last several years I’ve listened, watched, and followed the Select Board. Now is the time for me to get more involved. I am not afraid to have a difficult conversation or discuss an issue head-on. For more information, www.melissaforreading.com


Rebecca L Bailey
Candidate for re-election
W Megan Fidler-Carey
Candidate for re-election

I’ve had the privilege to serve on TownMeeting since 2017 participating in the process of local decision-making and governance. I appreciate the thoughtful conversations I’ve had with my neighbors over the years when they know I serve as their representative for decisions that affect our community. I try to use my perspectives as a parent, homeowner, educator (MedfordPublicSchools), community member (ReadingEducationFoundation; CulturalCouncil) to inform my participation. Thank you for your vote.

Sheila M Mulroy
Candidate for re-election

As a Reading resident for 37 years, I am committed to positive change through respectful dialog. I have served as the president of the Coolidge and RMHS PTOs and the Coolidge Science Olympiad Team parent support group, was a 5-year board member of the Fall Street Faire Committee and am an active member of the Reading Community Singers. It’s been my privilege to serve as a Town Meeting Member since 2002. I respectfully ask for your vote for another term.

Mark Jonathan Zarrow
Candidate for re-election
Antonio Aufiero

My wife Jennifer and I have been Reading residents for over 40 years. Our daughter Victoria attended the Killam School and Austin Prep. I am a retired aerospace quality engineer and I have also worked for several years in real estate development. I feel that my expertise will be an asset to our discussions regarding the Senior Center and Killam School projects. I am asking for your vote on April 4.

Jeanne M Borawski
Heather E Bramante

My husband and I built our home in Reading 22 years ago. My background is in software implementation. I left my career to be a full time mom to our 4 children. This allowed me to serve on the PTO and on many other volunteer positions at Reading Schools. Our children benefited greatly by growing up in Reading. I want to be sure that other children have the same experience and that our senior population is also well served.

Philip H Clarke

I am a 22-year resident of Reading. My wife Sheila and I have raised our two sons here and truly enjoy the community. Over the years I have been involved in numerous community events in support of Reading Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce. I wish to serve on Town Meeting and lend my sound collaboration and decision-making skills honed through my many years of business experience. I respectfully ask for your vote for Town Meeting, Precinct 1.

Emily Di Re
Kevin Leete
James Vincent Martin

We must protect and value every taxpaying citizens of this town and their hard earned money. I have 38 years of success winning over a hundred million dollars in government IT contracts via competitive bids in the US and Abroad. My experience with government budgets related to large projects and multi-million-dollar procurement’s will bring value to the discussion(s) here. Taxpayers in Reading should not be rolled or ruled by a self-anointed few.

Timothy A Mathieu

I have been a resident and homeowner in Reading since 2007. My two children are presently enrolled or graduated from the Reading school system. I’m asking for your vote on April 4 as a new Town Meeting Member for precinct 1. My interest is in serving the residents of Reading by employing sound judgement and sensible leadership.

My interests include downtown development, Senior Center, and the Killam school project to name a few. I look forward to your vote.

James F Reichardt

I’m a collaborative and common-sense leader who is running for Town Meeting Precinct 1. With 23 years of experience living in town, I understand the needs and concerns of the community. As a parent of three children who have either graduated from or are currently attending the Reading public schools, I have a vested interest in ensuring the best education for all students. My leadership style is inclusive and focused on finding practical solutions that benefit the entire community.

Andrew C Ryan

My wife and I have lived in Reading since 2006 and are raising three children in the Reading public schools. I am an active volunteer in Reading’s Scouting programs. My 15 years as a manager and financial decision-maker in the high-tech and cybersecurity industries has given me the experience to successfully handle unique challenges. I believe in a fiscally responsible and realistic approach to addressing Reading’s projects and needs. I look forward to the opportunity to represent you.

Howard D Cohen
Candidate for re-election

I am a long time Reading resident and Town Meeting member. My concerns are focused on refraining from over development in the downtown area and controlling spending to minimize tax increases. We must prioritize the needs of the community and invest wisely. I support the Killam School project and finding a solution for a new senior center. I’m asking for your vote and look forward to continuing my service to the community.

Margaret E Connors
Candidate for re-election

A 41-year resident and homeowner in Reading with extensive experience in public administration, teaching and counseling; volunteer in many civic organizations including the Massachusetts 9/11 Fund. A first term Town Meeting member seeking to help preserve and promote traditional Reading values as we navigate through contemporary challenges, and ensure sensible allocation of resources to foster the security and well-being of all Reading citizens, especially our seniors and children. I would appreciate your vote on April 4th. Thank you.

Anthony Darezzo
Candidate for re-election
David A Gentile
Candidate for re-election

I am a lifelong resident, homeowner, Reading retirement board member and town employee. I would like to continue to proudly represent all Reading residents as a Town Meeting member. My focus is on ALL aspects of the town and not as a special interest candidate. My past, present and current knowledge and understanding enables me to have a positive impact on the direction of the town for all residents. I would appreciate your vote on April 4th.  Thank you.

Nicole Mary Lamson
Candidate for re-election

Reading resident and homeowner since 2015. I have two children in Reading schools. Volunteer History – Town Meeting, Girl Scouts and Killam PTO. B.A. in Political Science. Focus is continuing to serve residents by listening to issues, finding solutions and making informed decisions at Town Meeting. Interests include Killam building project, downtown development and downtown parking issues. I look forward to your vote in April. Thank you.

Brian M Curry

Four-year Reading resident with my wife and young daughters. Licensed educator, taught and coached children of all ages. Fifteen plus year business career, MBA and am a financial advisor. Four years of international experience between Taiwan and Australia. Running to have a positive impact on the community, help continue the library’s tradition of educating our children, while focusing on being fiscally responsible and as efficient as possible with our Reading tax dollars. Looking forward to your vote in April!

Vanessa Curry

A Reading homeowner since 2019, I am a mom to two young children and have a deeply vested interest in cultivating a community that best serves its residents. I actively volunteer at my daughters’ schools, coach youth soccer and am a board member for Reading’s Connect the Tots nonprofit group. As a Town Meeting member, I will be focused on making informed and fiscally responsible decisions that are responsive to the needs of the town.

Kenneth Johnson
Boris Nusinov

I am a 17-year Reading resident, where my wife and I are raising two daughters. You may have run into me when I coached local basketball and flag football teams. I work as a commercial banker with 25+ years of experience (see attached linkedin) partnering with businesses to help them achieve their objectives. If elected I would focus on fiscal responsibility, education, safety & security and improved mental health for the children. Always open to conversing and sharing ideas.

Simone R Payment
Nathan Thomas Riley

A Reading homeowner since 2020 with one child attending Reading School and another who will be attending in a couple of years. With a B.S. in finance with 15 years of experience, I’m running to serve residents, young and old, with interests in large budget items such as the Killam building project, a new senior center, and the downtown development. I’d appreciate your vote in April. Thank you.

John Parsons

I previously served as a Town Meeting member for 20 years. I am a volunteer at the Pleasant Street Center. I was a Volunteer Medical Escort and just finished 10 years on the Trails Committee. I am currently on the Council on Aging and ReCalc. This year marks my 49th year in Reading.

Ellen C Childress
Candidate for re-election
Jason FC Clarke
Candidate for re-election
Philip R Dardeno
Candidate for re-election
Marlena Bita
Candidate for re-election
Keri D Fox
Candidate for re-election
Jenifer Cummings Hillery
Candidate for re-election
Lindsey Suzanne Monahan
Candidate for re-election
Annika MW Scanlon
Candidate for re-election
Patrick J Drummey
Thomas D Grant
John Donato Masciarelli
Laura A Noonan

I have been a resident of Reading since 2012. My husband and I are homeowners and are raising three elementary school aged children. My past volunteer experience for the Town of Reading includes serving as an Executive Board member for the Reading Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) for two years, and also serving on superintendent and principal search committees. If elected to Town Meeting, I will make informed and fiscally responsible decisions that will benefit our wonderful community.

Carlo Bacci
Candidate for re-election

I have proudly volunteered on the Reading Select Board and Town Meeting these past 3 years and I look to continue my efforts this year and into the future. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via the links below. I look forward to seeing you on April 4th.

Adam H Denhard
Candidate for re-election

Though a newer resident, I’ve committed time to understanding goings-on in the Town as it was a factor in moving here. This diligence prepared me to run for Town Meeting, where I have been an active participant over the last year, since the entire slate was elected anew. My commitment to understanding issues facing the Town, from budget and development to needs of our entire population, young and old, prepare me for re-election to represent Precinct 5.

Jeffrey Barringer Dietz
Candidate for re-election
Helena Marie Johnson
Candidate for re-election
Mary M Parr
Candidate for re-election
Edward J Ross
Candidate for re-election
Lorraine Anne Conway
Dennis Michael Dorandi

I have been a resident and home owner in Reading since 1976. I have raised three children thru the Reading school system and I’m asking for your vote on April 4 as a new voice as Town Meeting Member for precinct 5.My main interest are downtown development, Senior Center and Killam school project to name a few. I look forward to your vote. Thank You

Nathan T Giacalone

I am lifelong Reading resident with years of volunteer experience in town, including two teaching CCD. Reading faces important issues such as housing costs and sustainability. I look forward to applying my work experience in local government and higher education to the discussion and contributing to the best solution for the whole community. I ask for your vote to help give back to the town which has been so fortunate to me and many others.

Crystal M Hodson
Philip B Pacino
John B Sullivan
Neil R Taylor
Michael Giacalone

I have been a resident of Reading since 1996. During this time, as a business owner in town and resident, I have served Reading in a variety of ways as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and former President, Annual Tree Lighting Committee member, and Town Meeting member. I would like to once again serve as a member of Town Meeting and offer my years of experience as a CPA, to contribute to the governing of our Town.

Justin M Scott
Steven Cool
Candidate for re-election

I’m an elected Town Meeting member and longtime Reading resident. For over 30 years I’ve worked with Reading government and other entities, actively advocating for homeowner and taxpayer interests, addressing issues including responsible fiscal policies, taxes, school traffic control, and road repairs. Currently, I’m focused on creating an accessible and enjoyable Reading dog park ([email protected]) to benefit thousands of our households. I aim to continue serving, contributing, and making positive changes for Reading, and request your vote for re-election.

Brendan L Gray
Candidate for re-election
Thomas A Perry
Candidate for re-election

I am a two year incumbent town meeting member running for reelection. My wife Kerri and I are home owners on West Street and I have lived in Reading for six years and my wife has lived in Reading for sixteen years. I work in finance. I have a balanced approach when it comes to fiscal responsibility and meeting the needs of our community. I would be honored and grateful for your vote for reelection to Town Meeting.

David John Raucci
Candidate for re-election
Cynthia A Tozian Cool
Candidate for re-election

I’m a 25-year resident of Reading, committed to improving locals’ lives while staying financially responsible. Listening to town meeting members is a top priority, and I’m passionate about health, wellness and nutrition. I aspire to establish an organic garden as an educational resource and enjoyable family activity. Your support and vote can help build a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant Reading.

Robert A Coulter
Daniel R Malone
James Gordon McIntosh
David Snow

I have been a Reading resident for many years, and my children have graduated from Reading Schools. My wife and I have been active in many town organizations including Reading Youth Softball, Boy Scouts and the Mission of Deeds. I am hoping to contribute to the Town Meeting in a way the enables us to support our citizens with the same opportunities that our family has enjoyed.

Shirley Jia
Candidate for re-election
Travis Barnett Estes
Candidate for re-election
Hillary G Mateev
Candidate for re-election
Genady Pilyavsky
Candidate for re-election
Joy M Beaulieu
Joseph C Carnahan
Brook W Chipman

My wife Karen and I have lived in Reading since 1994, first on Willow Street now on Bond Street. Many years ago, I previously served on TM. Our two children attended Reading Public Schools. My work for the state would provide me with useful knowledge on issues that will come before TM. I am aware of local business issues from my part-time retail job in Reading. I respectfully ask voters of Precinct 7 to vote for me on April 4.

Marcel A Dubois

My name is Marcel Dubois, a Reading resident for 22 years. When my wife and I were looking for a community to raise our son, we decided on Reading without hesitation. I have served Reading as President of RCTV, one term on the Bylaw Committee, and I am a three term Town Meeting member. I look forward to earning your support to better understand your concerns, and I respectfully ask for your vote for Town Meeting, Precinct 7.

Daniel Arthur Ensminger

Dan grew up in Niagara Falls NY, graduated from RPI in Troy NY with an engineering Ph. D., met and married Joan, and moved to Reading in 1977. He has served as a Charter member of CPDC, on the Select Board for five terms (1989-1998 and 2013-2019, three times as chair), and for over 20 years on Town Meeting beginning in 1985. Dan believes in fiscal responsibility, sensible well-planned growth in our downtown, and maintaining community values.

Amanda L Haley

My name is Amanda Haley. I’m first a mother of 2 girls and the proud wife of Select Board member, Chris Haley. I’m very involved in the Birch Meadow PTO and a member of the PAIR Committee. We plan to raise our girls throughout their high school years here in Reading. I will make fiscally responsible decisions to support sustainable growth in our community. I’m asking for your vote on Tuesday, April 4th.


Christopher Haley

My name is Christopher Haley, a Reading resident for 15 years. I am a father of two amazing girls, and I have a loving wife. I am a local small business owner on Haven Street.  I live in Reading, I work in Reading, I eat lunch in Reading, and I sleep in Reading. I am for what is in the best interest of our small town and would love to understand your concerns and earn your support.

Mark Frederick Logsdon
Brian C Paulsen

My name is Brian Paulsen. I am a stay-at-home-dad of 4 kids and part-time podcast producer. Our town is divided and it is my goal to bring everyone together to make Reading the best it can be. We may not agree on every issue, but i will listen to all sides with an open mind. I am a Independent free thinker who only wants the best for everyone. I would be grateful for your vote representing District 7.

Jayna S Stafford
John Brendon Sullivan
Francesco Capone
Candidate for re-election

Our family has lived in Reading for 10 years. All our children attended RPS. I have owned several different types of businesses including local retail, masonry, and a night club. At the same time I worked in property management and development with projects in Reading and surrounding cities and towns. I know that my business background will be an asset to me as a Member of TM, especially with plans for Killam School and the Senior Center.

Maria Emilia Capone
Candidate for re-election

My husband and I moved to Reading in 2013. We have four children that all attended RPS. We moved here from Medford where we both owned and operated our family floral business. After 27 years, I still work in that business but I’ve also worked in real estate management and development. I strongly feel that these skills will serve me well as a Town Meeting Member. I am interested in helping to formulate plans for Killam School and Senior Center.

Christopher D Costa
Candidate for re-election
Pamela Elizabeth Daskalakis
Candidate for re-election

I am running for reelection to continue to prioritize services and investments that benefit all town residents. My 20+ years of professional experience in finance and supply chain management mean I understand complex investments and opportunities. Making smart decisions on how to leverage our resources – financial, human, and natural – will help ensure Reading remains a vibrant community where all are welcome and can thrive. I would be honored to receive your vote to continue my service.

Karen Gately Herrick
Candidate for re-election
Lori Lynn Hayes
Candidate for re-election

A twelve-year Reading resident, I’m running for re-election focusing on the welfare of our children, success of local businesses, and ability to appropriately direct/manage Town funds to best serve our residents. My husband and I have two amazing children enrolled in RPS. Retired since 2021, I will apply my 34 years of Project Management experience in healthcare/pharma to the analysis of Town matters, balancing need with fiscal responsibility. I humbly ask for your vote on or before April 4th.

Shawn M. Brandt
Kathleen O Goldlust
Lisa Mary Litterio

Grew up in Reading, am a graduate of Reading Public Schools, and returned to raise my family here. I live in an intergenerational home and enjoy conversing with residents of all ages and incorporating their perspectives when deliberating town issues. Professionally, I am an English professor specializing in technical writing and have administrative experience with developing budgets. Specific town meeting topics I’m interested in include the senior center, schools, and downtown. I respectfully ask for your vote on April 4th.

Bruce A Mackenzie
Joseph G McDonagh
Martha E Moore
Casey L Moulton

I am a lifelong resident that chose to raise my family in Reading, a proud RMHS graduate and mother of two children. I am active in the community, serving on School Council and other Boards, a CPA with extensive business and financial knowledge and want to use those skills to serve Reading, as we are facing critical decisions. We need to consider multiple perspectives, and I will do my best to serve the entire community.

Meredith C Reid

I’m running for Town Meeting because I believe Reading deserves as many different perspectives as possible at all levels of government. Our residents, young and old, need to know their interests are being heard and considered and diversity of thought is one way to ensure this happens. My background in research means I play devil’s advocate a lot and I feel that’s what our children, our seniors and our business owners need, especially in these economically and socially volatile times.


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